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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to get a custom building delivered?

1 to 3 weeks depending on complexity of the building

How do you deliver your buildings and how much room do you need?

The buildings are delivered using three different size trailers and there must be enough room to allow a straight exit with a combined length of the building trailer and truck. Unloading our building is similar to unloading a boat in the water. There are also height limitations. Approximate delivery length requirements, 13’ and below to be free of tree limbs and wires, also, buildings can not be placed under eaves or carports. Please contact us for more details.

What do I need to prepare my site for delivery?

To ensure long lasting results for your building foundation, the best options are:

  • Make sure there is air flow
  • Make sure site is reasonably level
  • Make sure water drains away from building and out of the way of sprinklers

How much weight will the building support?

Capability of storing a car or truck

Do I have to worry about snow load?

Our buildings are designed for a 65 pound snow load for cities such as Wenatchee, Yakima, Black Diamond, North Bend, Sultan, Startup, Goldbar and Skykomish. However they can be designed to support loads for areas such as Stevens Pass.

Do you provide In-house financing?

Yes, our lease purchase program allows customers to choose from multiple options that best suits their budget.

Can I make changes to my building if I’m Lease purchasing it?

Yes, you may alter the building cosmetically or structurally, but in a default situation the customer will be responsible for any costs CCCS incurs to make the building resalable.

How big can my Building be without needing a building permit?

Most counties require a building permit for any structure over 200 square feet. However, each area is different, so be sure to check with your local building department to become educated.

Do you sell kits?

We do not sell pre-assembled kits

Do I need a concrete foundation?

A concrete foundation is not required, but does make the most ideal platform for the building to go on. Asphalt, crushed gravel, bark, grass, and dirt will all work as a foundation

Can I move my Custom Crafted Cottage or Shed?

Yes, we can relocate your building and will charge accordingly based on size and distance traveled.

Are there any additional costs I need to consider?

If you wish to build a building that requires a building permit (typically over 200 SF) than a charge will be incurred by your local building department. If a building exceeds 11’ 1” wide a pilot car will be required.

Are these the same kinds of buildings I can get at my local building store?

We take pride in only using the highest quality products to create our buildings. In comparison to the big name stores we build to code, use structurally more sound materials (2×6 vs. 2×4) and have more options to choose from so you can get the exact building you want.

What types of warranties do you offer?

We offer a 1 year warranty on any structural malfunctions.

What types of payments do you take?

Visa, Master Card, check or cash

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes we are

What type of construction methods do you use?

Our typical construction methods for our custom buildings and sheds consists of using treated floor joists that are attached to the treated skids with a joist support bracket 16″ on center. 3/4″ – 4′ x 8′ tongue & groove flooring is glued and nailed to the floor joist and across the top of the skids. Stud walls are built around the perimeter of the floor 24″ on center. Roof trusses are placed and nailed on top of the stud wall 24″ on center or altered to match higher snow loads. 4′ x 8′ siding is nailed to the stud walls. However the customer has the ability to create their own design from the floor to the roof. Our options consist of custom flooring, interior paneling, insulation, HVAC, electrical, windows, shelves, interior cabinets, shake, tile or metal roof and much more. Only top quality building materials are used and we will customize your buildings to fit your needs and tastes.

What is the delivery process?

Our buildings have been delivered all across the State of Washington (cities delivered to drop down list goes here). The buildings are delivered on a trailer and are unloaded similar to a boat. The driver will back into the spot to where the building is to be offloaded. The front of the trailer is raised and the building slides off the trailer with the aid of rollers and a winch. The truck and trailer need to drive straight (without an angle) away from the building. The area needed to unload the building is the length of the building, trailer and truck added together. The following considerations are necessary for a successful delivery.

  • Height obstruction. Are there overhead power lines, tree limbs below 14’ in height?
  • Are there tight turns, dips, excessive grades, loose road surface, mud, bridges that will make delivery difficult or possible.
  • Are there fences, gates, or trees we need to drive through, around, or park against.